Like to be a reseller?

March 30, 2016

Recently I attended the big Toy Expo in Melbourne. All the big brands were there and LEGO, of course, vacuumed up a lot of the purchases.


As an independent operator, vying for those purchase dollars is tough to do against the International brands. It's not all negative the way I see it.....I too have opportunities. YOU.


Before you stop reading....let me explain.


I've wanted to explore resellers for a while now. WIX, the web hosting site I use doesn't support an affiliate system I can implement, so I've had to go old school!


Allow me to give an example. A store in Canada stocks our games. Sales have been OK...but they're not rebuying from me as much as I'd like them too. They have plenty of other products in their store that attract more buyers and that's retail and choice for consumers.


A Canadian colleague of mine from teaching days in China took 1 box of games (Ice Hockey) to sell to his work buddies and friends. He paid wholesale price, I sent over a box and he planned to make a video etc for some local marketing.


A couple of weeks after receiving it he hadn't done any social media advertising or a video because he'd sold the lot simply by showing it to some people he knew, explaining how it worked and that was that. Easy pickings for him. Beer and Ice Hockey for his friends.


This proves to me one thing. When people see, feel and know how the games are played, it's an easier step forward to purchase. The next question is who know the games and can (might be willing to) do this? Now we come back to YOU.


I'd like to think most folks that have purchased more than 1 Pocket Sports game enjoy them and would recommend them to a friend? Perhaps they know a bunch of friends, some work colleagues, sports mad friends, a club or a group, or have a good grasp on social media to attract some eyes?


If that sounds like YOU, then let's talk YOU being reseller......or mini stockist :)


What's required?

To get the wholesale price, you need to take a minimum 1 box of 9 games.....and yes, the same game. No mixed boxes for this dealio. Knowing what is likely to sell is a good start. Ice Hockey in Canada....yes.....Aussie Rules in


What's the cost?

AUD$90 per box.


What about shipping?

Depending on where you are, postage is on top of that. I only do FREE international shipping on heavy volume.


How much can I make?

You should be able to mark up 100%. You won't get rich doing this (believe me..I know) but you can a little pocket money and it's a one to get a game for yourself for free if you sell 8 and keep 1 :)


If you are in the US or UK there's good exchange to be had.


Why are you doing this Hamish?

Because in a niche industry of board games, we fall into a smaller niche and every and any effort needs to be made to thrive :) Damn LEGO!


I'd like to finish by saying this probably won't appeal to most, which is totally understandable. For anyone that is interested though, shoot me an email with any questions you may have etc.


BTW - pre orders for Rugby & GP Racing will be posted out next week. Customs have the games in Brisbane as I type this!











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