GOAL!!!!! Now move your cube.

November 13, 2015

Game length: 5 min

utes halves - I'm guessing most players would have moaned about having to find a timing device!


Pocket Sports Football - the world game in its' dice form - is the latest to join the new 'tuck box' style.


The inclusion of cards is the going norm now for all games as we march towards 2016, and streamlining game play experience is something I've been working on.


Apart from the attractive artwork, they more importantly serve two purposes to track scores and 'time' the game.


Choosing to play to a specific goal total, with the first player reaching that being the winner is an easy option. First to 3 goals or to 6 goals should you wish to play a longer match.


Setting the number of 'saves' either team's goalie makes to end a half is another way to time the match and give it a definite end. The team with the most goals is then declared the winner at full time.


Simple, subtle inclusions that add theme and production value to the game and with 12 different teams to collect, I hope people will challenge and play to win each other's cards :)







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