Pocket Sports Golf '15 - no kidnapping please!

August 2, 2015

Pocket Sports Golf '15 is back in its latest evolution with more action than Tiger Woods gets on tour!


We always aim to keep games fresh and improving and Pocket Sports has spent time at the 19th hole coming up with a few changes. A tough solo or multiplayer game before is now even tougher. 


The first obvious change is the course layout. The Green Moose Valley course returns but gone is the folded up score sheet with each hole layout showing hazards. Instead we've included two high quality cards that show each hole's par/distance, the 'Skin' money prize and Championship tees with extra distance for a serious round of golf!


The next tinkering we did was the number of clubs. Pockets Sports Golf '15 only has 6 clubs (1 Wood, 3 Iron, 7 Iron, 9 Iron, Wedge & Putter) but two new dice have been added. All custom engraved polyresin dice.


While the game design still dictates hitting in a straight line, the new Power Die acts like a head or tail wind. You may see your drive fly further off the tee or hold up in the wind and fall shorter than expected. Fore warning though, there is a 1/6 result of a finding a Hazard.....which is the second new dice.


Hazards are no longer clearly marked. They are now random and are enforced when a wayward tee shot occurs. The Hazard die includes all your favourites from a lucky safe landing to ending up in the drink! To add more frustration (just like real golf) hitting out of the resulting hazard is restricted to a certain type of club.


Landing amongst the 'Gallery' only allows a 7 Iron for your next shot....which is terrible if you've landed near the green on a Par 3!


Caddy tips are back (and stackable) with a new 'Recovery' option instead of the old Boost which becomes obsolete with the new Power die. As in the original game, SKINS playing mode is an exciting play variant as Caddy Tips can not be used and there's no need to worry about the soaring total for your round!


Finally a hidden bonus should you already have original game. You may carry the missing clubs (3 wood/5Iron) over into your new Pocket Sports '15 Golf bag! 


A great game in solo mode, better with 4 players and even more fun than a night out at with Robert Allenby.....without being kidnapped :)



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