Basketball '15 - All Star action

August 1, 2015

BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA! Pocket Sports Basketball '15 will be amongst the new games only a couple of weeks away!


While the game play remains similar, we've made some tweaks and adjustments to make this already A game into an A+ game!


Firstly, some of the shot names players will attempt have changed to make commentating fresh and unique for the new edition. The Point Guard position now has an uncontested shot to speed up scoring and push up team and individual game totals (if you're tracking that kind of stuff :)


Two All Star team cards have been included that serve three purposes:


1) Game length is now decided by the first team to score 50 points. This is easy to do with wooden cubes and the real time score tracker.


2) The Hot Streak feature allows you shooter a bonus of +1 to all baskets against the Defense if they are 'On Fire'


3) The two cards are collectible as each reprint will have different versions!


Pocket Sports Basketball has always been a personal favourite of mine and the 2015 edition adds more theme and flavour. So get your wheels on.....we're heading downtown!






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