Red Zone football

May 16, 2015

Pocket Sports Football (yes, it's the American kind of football this time) has been building momentum for a few months now. While it's still in the final playtesting phase, it's coming together to be a level of game!


You all know we make dice games. The minimalist approach to not having boards or bits & pieces has been slowly blurring the lines as we create new games with exciting new mechanics.


The obvious new editions for this game, along with Cycling Tour, are team cards. They've gone through a few designs and artwork, but I've finally found the right theme and think the 4 teams included in the game, will attract different fans to claim them as their own.


Apart for the aesthetic look, they serve a function for the game's Pro Mode feature. Licensing real NFL teams costs a big chunk of change and I want Pocket Sports followers to feel these teams are truly original. Each team has 2 'go to' plays that adds bonus value to the run/pass intensity, a decoy play to fool the opposition defense and a covering intercept (zone defense) cover.


Cubes will be used to track 'downs' and a Scoreboard card to track scores will be included.


Some of the familiar mechanics will be drawn from Pocket Sports Rugby. 'Intensity' values are assigned to pass and run routes that the Defense must equal or better with the sum of two rolls. The ever present 'FLAG' will be a good or bad thing as it forces a 'down' or resets the count.


Sacks, safeties, intercepts, touch downs, video replays......we tried to pack as much glitz and glamour as a real American Football game includes.


One of the several kind playtesters that provided some excellent insight went to some serious levels of playtesting. Records of each play and summary really feels like a real game, presented as highlight reel.


Production for the game will start in June with delivery (hopefully) at the start of August! So keep tuned for Pre order options as these new games will be slightly higher in price because they're so damn slick :)






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