2015 Toy Fair wrap

March 7, 2015


Attendance at the Toy, Hobby & Licensing Fair 2015 in Melbourne has been completed.


It was a big event with the biggest brands, reps and buyers. Being the first year I'd exhibited, I didn't know what to expect and now being back at homebase, it's still difficult to sum up the experience.


It's probably best to summarize the pros and cons to assess the situation.


The pros:

- I met and spoke with some major distributors interested in my games and keen to sell in new markets.

- I received some honest, direct feedback on my packaging and how that may need to be addressed from major retailers to consider.

- Numerous people that had in the past and still currently stock us stopped by to say they'd been pleased with the product.

- Numerous people that had never heard of us stopped to ask what the product was.

- The marketing material was well received and overall look of the brand.

- Being in Victoria, Pocket Footy was the game that captured most interest



The cons:

- The smaller stall area I was in didn't have the foot traffic as the larger stalls. A large portion of visitors may have been unaware we were even there

- Buyers were very cagey about quantities and prices, often suggesting numbers that just didn't work

- People asking for the spiel and then saying they have no interest as it's not suitable for their market and knew that before asking for the spiel

- People taking purchase order forms and then disappearing before I could crash tackle them

- The 'unknown' of those buyers that said they liked the product, took the info and said they'd think about or be in touch

- Possibly a redesign of packaging and costs to do that.

- Not having any Pocket Footy in stock at the moment!


All in all, for the first time, I would say I'm satisfied. I'd perhaps expected a different scenario but no negative comments were made and most lookers were polite and courteous. Of the new distributors that said they'd take the games on and sell, I hope they'll all get onboard.


Onwards and upwards and certainly more Pocket Footy is needed!



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