Pocket Sports Rugby - 'intensity' is the name of the game

December 15, 2014

I'm as eager as everyone for the new games to arrive at the end of the month. The New Edition Rugby has had a quick turnaround from originally being published as Pocket Rugby League in May, transforming into a hybrid version with both League & Union rules for our UK distributors and now as a solid Rugby Union game.


There's obviously a larger market for Union and with the World Cup 2015 next year, I had to spice up the original game to include all the nuances Rugby fans want.


One of the changes has been the introduction of 'intensity' levels. Each of your 5 players on the pitch will have different number to represent how hard they are running the ball forward. Likewise, the Defense 'intensity' of their tackles, must meet the charging ball carrier.


In the example above, the FORWARD & WING have different 'intensity' levels for their Hit Up running forward. The FORWARD has better 'intensity' levels to represent his bulk, and the WING has a higher 'intensity' when sprinting Into the Corner!


Whatever 'intensity' is rolled by the attacker, the defender has two rolls of the DEFENSE die to match his own 'intensity' and tackle the runner to the ground. In this picture the FORWARD rolled a 5 and the DEFENSE used 2 rolls of a 2 + 4 and was able to make the tackle.


It's a simple system that adds extra theme and later on, some strategy as the FULL BACK and CENTRE both have options to Pass or attempt a Drop Goal.


There are other new additions to the game.......but I won't spoil all the surprises!





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