A cleaner, greener bag

December 10, 2014

 Designing a game involves a lot of things.



Changing factories is a major stumbling block. Negotiating prices, components, labour, shipping, packing and payment all take some time as both parties manoeuvre to get the best deal.


With the raft of 6 new games all coming out at the same time, decisions need to be made on everything at once.


I've always been about minimalism with our games. I've been told by distributors if I prettied up the packaging I could charge more at retail price. To me, the games as they are in their motif dice bags ARE already packaged.


Up until now, we've used little cotton bags for our games. With the new factory and new games, I've had to make a decision to change to non-woven cotton (like the reusable shopping bags).


The main reason wasn't price, although that factors into self-producing 6000 games. For me, I want to keep Pocket Sports a compact product.


I don't want or need layers of plastic packaging that will only go to waste. I've always liked the recyclable shopping bags, and although I hope no one recycles their set of Pocket Sports just yet, I wanted to make a decision that promotes our games as good, wholesome fun......even the little package they come in.


So please don't be alarmed if you've pre-ordered and you notice the difference in bags when you receive them. If I can make our business model efficient, right and conscientious of all elements of production and game design, we'll take it that forward with us as we grow bigger!



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