Pocket Sports Football - New Edition

December 4, 2014

Hmm....the bag's the same colour. The silhouette has changed. New Edition, eh? Let's take a closer look at Pocket Sports Football.


The game has been given a little polish, removed some parts but replaced them with mechanics to improve the game for both players.


We've added the long form of each position on the dice, instead of the single letter. This will help new players pick up the game within a few rolls and it helps the commentary flow! A few more updated terms have been added for theme.


The SKILLS reroll point system has gone. So too, just observing from the player in defense. It's now about winning possession rather than losing it.


The CHALLENGE (tackle) die face is a new addition. A new TACKLE die is used to determine the challenge and is one of the dice the player in defense controls.


The term 'Challenge' appears on the MIDFILED, WING and FORWARD dice. When this appears, your opponent can roll his TACKLE die. There's a 2/6 chance of a successful winning tackle (and possession), 2/6 chance of being outmanoeuvred and letting the attacker play on, and 2/6 chance of committing a FOUL!


There's a good feeling and even better commentary that comes when you successfully make a tackle. Even better when your opponent's FORWARD is inside the area!


There's still the blue SHOOT die with a 1/6 chance of GOAL. This feels like the attacker kicking the ball on goal.


The second new dice the DEFENSE will control is the GOALIE.

The GOALIE die has 2/6 chance of a GOAL. This adds more tension to feel like it's up to the GOALIE to stop the ball. You'll find it especially pleasing to make SAVES and prove frustrating to your attacking foe.


Penalty shots now have a 4/6 chance of scoring from the spot and deciding IF and WHEN to risk a tackle will affect the game.


I really like the changes. They keep both players involved. Pressing forward and shooting for goals is more frequent. The game feels faster and I'm certain it adds to what the first game started. 








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