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November 12, 2014

How can the mighty Pocket Cricket get any better I hear you ask? Simple......build a brother. A new game that provides a longer battle. A gripping 2 innings match that sees difficult appeals and decisions face tougher batsmen and cunning fieldsmen.


So what's the difference? Just about everything.....but still the same gameplay. I've played probably more Pocket Cricket that would be recommended by myself. I still love it and it stills excites new people that play the original game to this very day.


It does have minor objections for hardcore players. The 1 in 6 CLEAN BOWLED is an exciting result for the bowler....a hat trick is not uncommon and a double hat-trick also occurs with a lucky streak of rolls. As the batsman, all you can do is picture your player walking out to pitch and not hanging around long enough to play a shot. 


Don't get me wrong.....the game was designed exactly to be like that. Fast, furious and fun. Ideal for a T20 blast.  So how has Test Cricket approached this?


Wickets will still fall regularly. I don't want this game to be an arduous affair. I do, however, want to see batsmen spend time at the crease and bowlers putting in the hard yards to get a wicket. The new bowling mechanic delivers both theme with a separate PACE or SPIN attack, but also works to get its' man.


It's referred to as the Beaten - Edged? - Bowled? system. In the case of SPIN bowling, it will be Stumped? - Edged? - Bowled?


Essentially the 1 in 6 CLEAN BOWLED now requires an effort X 3. Just like Mitch Johnson would zip a jaffa past the bat, only to collect an EDGE on a follow up delivery that may see a catch or runs. Eventually the effort ball may see the stumps skittled. 


To reflect the batting line up from top to bottom, middle order batsmen don't have the skill to avoid the BEATEN first ball. They would see the EGDE nicked on their first look. Likewise the tail enders would go straight to the BOWLED? option.


All of this builds the tension of getting a wicket. The nerves set in when batting. The excitement goes up when bowling.


This is one of the new mechanics Test Cricket introduces.......and there’s even more…….


**NOTE – The game is up for PRE ORDER – don’t hold your breath it’ll be on time for a Christmas present. PRE ORDERS will see the early bird price until stock arrives and it reverts back to 11.99

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