Pocket Boxing (WIP)

September 25, 2014


Beta version - feedback would be great! Playtesters would rock the ring!

Pocket Boxing Rules

The game is fast, fun and exciting. Suitable for one or two players. A pen & paper is all you need to keep track of damage, knock downs and rounds. 3 minute rounds for 5 rounds

3 dice represent a different style of fighter you may choose. There’s also a die for your defense, a die for injuries and a die for ‘initiative’

To begin, choose one of the fighter dice:

‘Initiative’ determines who throws the first punch in any exchange. Both players will roll the BLACK ‘Initiative’ die with the highest roll taking control and throwing the first punch. 

The exchange will continue until the fighter in control fails to land a punch (MISS), the defending fighter avoids a punch, or the damage is less than the defense.

Ie A JAB to the HEAD worth 1 will not get through a GUARD UP - the exchange ends, return to the ‘initiative’ phase.

The player in control will then announce which part of the body (HEAD or BODY) his fighter will aim to punch. On your fighter’s dice, you will see the type of punch being thrown and the amount of damage that may be delivered. 

The fighter defending himself will roll the ‘GUARD’ die to see what action he has taken.

STEP BACK - your fighter has some good footwork and avoided the punch. Return to ‘initiative’ phase

GUARD UP your fighter’s gloves are covering his head
If the incoming punch was a HEAD shot, reduce the damage taken by the number indicated -1 / -2. 
If the incoming punch was a BODY shot, increase the damage taken +1 /+2.

GUARD DOWN your fighter’s gloves are covering his body
If the incoming punch was a HEAD shot, increase the damage taken by the number indicated +2
If the incoming punch was a BODY shot, reduce the damage taken -2

DUCK & COUNTER - your fighter has bobbed, weaved and can deliver a return counter punch. You have one punch that you opponent cannot defend against(no rolling of the BROWN def die). Add any damage and return to ‘initiative’ phase.

OPEN - your fighter has been caught with no protection! Increase the damage taken +3

Each fighter has one special punch that deals damage and may cause an injury. For this to happen however, your fighter’s special punch must land against an OPEN defense.

Special punch 5 + D Defense is Open +3 Broken Nose +1 Total damage 8

*Note - if the fighter had nominated BODY in the above example, the BROKEN NOSE would not be counted. Injuries are HEAD or BODY specific.

If your fighter is injured, +1 extra damage is immediately added to each landed punch to either HEAD or BODY shots occurs. 
If you have a BROKEN NOSE, any scoring HEAD punch will increase damage by +1. 
If you have a CRACKED RIB, any scoring BODY SHOT will increase damage by +1

Knowing where your opponent is hurt may change where you throw your punches!

Each fighter also has a dirty punch that delivers immediate damage, but it may come with a warning from the referee. 
To determine if the Ref has seen the foul, roll the BLACK die. A 5 or 6 will result in a warning. Anything less, the damage counts and the exchange continues. 

If your fighter receives 3 warnings during the fight, he will be disqualified and lose the fight. After a warning has been given, the exchange stops. Return to the ‘initiative’ phase.

Each fighter starts with 50 health points that reduces each time punches do damage during an exchange. As soon as a fighter’s health reaches zero, a TKO is declared.

Your opponent will be stunned anytime you deal 7 points damage during an exchange. At this point, the ‘stunned’ fighter may elect to clinch and force the referee to break the fighters apart and return to the initiative phase. 
To successfully clinch your opponent you must roll a 5/6 using the BLACK die. 
If unsuccessful, the exchange continues.

A knock down will occur anytime you deal 10 points damage or more. Your opponent will drop to the canvas for a 10 count.
To recover from a ten count, the fighter must roll and meet the below totals. He may roll the BLACK die 
twice only. If a fighter fails to meet the required dice roll, he has been knocked out and loses the fight. 

1st knock down - 4
2nd knock down - 7
3rd knock down - 9
4th knock down 11


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