Anyone for tennis? Pocket Tennis?

September 3, 2014

I can already see the TV ad. A semi famous tennis star thunders his first serve in the net and as he reaches for the second ball in his pocket.....out comes a set of Pocket Tennis, close up on players face, smile, shrugg of the shoulders and whack, second serve is an ACE. Just brilliant!


Tennis has always been a game on the list, but it was way down the list. With recent US Open highlights on the TV and the broad appeal grand slam tournaments are to both men & women, I thought Pocket Tennis may be a good product for female sports fans. 


The beta version tables above have seen us go back to a simpler 6 dice set to get things worked out with game mechanics. Tennis itself is a quick fire game. For most part rallies are quick and points are won with some good back and forth.


I've tried to keep this a good balance of see-sawing and push your luck. The serving aspect gives a choice of 2 dice. One more aggressive, but prone to FAULT more. The second die serves a FLAT style which can then be belted back by your opponent.


It still needs to be as easy as someone rolling the winning point, simply due to the fact you may play an entire 5 set match! 


I'd love some feedback - you can find a more detailed link on gameplay rules here

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