State of Origin game 1 prediction with Pocket Rugby

May 26, 2014

Game on - Pocket Rugby predicts.....


With State of Origin about to grip TV sets on Wednesday night - we've rolled the dice out in pocket Rugby to predict the game, the hits and the fumbles.


We played a 'fast forward' game of 5 mins halves which condensed the thrills and spills of origin onto the table top and into Pocket Rugby history. Read the higlights below....


The air was tense as all game 1's are. QLD won the toss. The crowd, electrified, cheered as the kick off got under way.


1. QLD received the ball, charged at the NSW defense and was met with a brick wall (insert crunch SFX here) There was some infringment in the hit and ball was lost!  What a terrible start for QLD but it couldn't have started any better for NSW - they take possession.


2. NSW work through two tackles. On the third play of the ball, it's passed to the steam rolling FORWARD - he breaks the line! QLD last line of defense can't stop him.....over the line........NO TRY!! for reasons only known to the physics of the scoring dice roll....NSW have come up short.


3. QLD the ball. Plenty of passing, shifting the play, but on the 6th tackle - it's a changeover. Solid defense by NSW


4. NSW on the attack - again the hulking FORWARD causing QLD defense trouble - he breaks through again...past the last line of defense....over the line?? The on field Ref has called for a review ! He makes the familar shape of a rectangle. It's gone to the VIDEO - the crowd wait, starring at the big screen....anyone for chicken?

NO TRY! Again the NSW fans throw their hands up. "Turn it up Ref" they cry 


5. QLD now looking to take advantage - working it up to the 5th and last tackle. They play the ball, passed out to the WING who hits it up - MISTACKLE by NSW. They've let him slip through....past the last line of defense.......TRY! to QLD.       That rubs salt in the wound of NSW. The banana benders erupt! 4 - 0 as the conversion misses.


6. NSW receive the ball and charge forward. BALL LOST in the tackle! The woes continue


7. QLD - on to the 2nd tackle - BALL LOST - well it's tit for tat - turnover


8. NSW take possession and run the ball - BALL LOST again! What are they doing out there! Conditions must be slippery ?


9. QLD now. Pass to the FORWARD - passes to the CENTRE - oh....he's THRU THE's a chance.....last line of defense - oh, HUGE HIT! NSW have managed to prevent the player from attempting to score! That's solid defense. 6 tackles made....and that's half time!


*********************************HALF TIME***QLD 4 - NSW 0*******************************


10. NSW will be looking to start positively. They receive the kick off and charge up field. 1,2,3 tackles. The SCRUM HALF runs himself......MISTACKLE by QLD.......steps, beats the last line of defense...........NO TRY! perhaps the grounding?

The demons of 8 straight series losses continue to shadow NSW


11. QLD now on the counter attack. It's a HIT UP on the 1st tackle - the Ref blows his whistle. He's called for a SCRUM to be packed. Heads go down, the ball goes in......a big push by NSW and they've won the ball. Pass out to the back line......HIGH BALL goes up.....a chance for NSW..........*oooff*     that's a HUGE HIT by QLD. They've prevented the TRY opportunity with a bone crunching hit.


NSW retain the ball - they run forward on the 3rd tackle......BUt they've KNOCKED ON. It'll be a turnover to QLD


12. QLD working through their set of 6. On the 4th now....they put up the HIGH BALL.....taken nicely, past the last line of defense........NO TRY! It works both ways in Pocket Rugby!!

Looks like the touch line may have been involved there. We'll leave that to your imaginations ;)


Score still remains 4 - 0 to QLD


13. NSW showing some urgency now. They pass the ball through the hands...out to the's a chance..INTO THE CNR?   **oooofff** another HUGE HIT by the last line of defense! And the ball's been knocked loose!!!   A massive play by QLD has resulted in a turnover


14. QLD in control. Working the ball. On the 4th tackle now....the CENTRE runs forward.....oh! He's nearly had his head taken off by a HIGH TACKLE!

There's a fray in the centre of the ground....pushing and shoving....fists need to kept under control here!


A penalty is awarded and QLD point to the sticks....a chance at 2 points here. Plenty of pressure......there goes the kick.......wide of the uprights.  Socre remians 4 - 0 QLD


15. Time running out for NSW as they play through their set of 6. Up to the 5th tackle now....that's a KNOCK ON! You can sense the frustration in the coaches box.


16. QLD with the momentum. On the 2nd tackle ***OOOFFF*** "Have some of that" say the NSW tacklers - they've knocked the ball loose and win the turnover. There's still fight in them yet!


17. NSW pass to the CENTRE - he's THRU THE GAP - this could be a try???   NO TRY!!

Unbelievable....but it happened?!?! NSW will be feeling like they've had the hoodoo put on them.....


18. QLD don't mind one bit....they pass to their FORWARD.....that's a LINE BREAK! NSW in tatters after the cruel decision against them moments ago.......the last line of defense is no good.......QLD go in??   TRY!    That's 8 - 0 with the kick to come


The ball is struck - superb kick - score 10 - 0


19. With time slipping away, NSW need to play for pride. They run it forward. BALL LOST - I'm runnning out of compassionate commentary......but it's great if you're  a QLDer!


20. QLD on the 3rd tackle. KNOCK ON! Not good enough


21. NSW on the last play of the game....passed to CENTRE - passed to WING - ref blows the whistle but PLAY ON is the call.......the WING runs's a chance INTO THE CNR?....past the last line of defense......TRY!    at long last to NSW...a consolation TRY at best


The conversion misses and the final score for GAME 1 -  QLD 10 / NSW 4


Well.......that's how we rolled it....and perhaps...that's how it will be! 


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