Pocket Rugby League

May 20, 2014

It's finally here....Pocket Rugby League.


Head smashing, scrum packing, ball and all Rugby - played with dice.


We've made this game to give plenty of scoring chances...in fact, not scoring in an attacking raid might be more painful than the Huge Hits throughout the game.


To break it down (before I get around to making a how to play video), the gameplay focusing on each side taking turns in an attacking set of 6 tackles.


You are in control of 5 playing positions - the scrum half always starts each passage of play. He will either pass to another position, kick for a field goal or try and gain ground. On the other 4 dice, there is a 1 in 6 chance of 'busting' the line of defense, at which point, your opponent has one more roll of the 'Defensive' die to try and stop the try scoring effort. 


If he succeeds, it is recorded as a tackle in the set of 6 and the attack continues. If he can't stop the try, the attackers then gets to roll the TRY / NO TRY dice.


3 in 6 chance of a TRY / 2 in 6 chance of NO TRY and 1 chance the VIDEO ref is called upon to review the tape - in which a reroll of the TRY die is made.


You can also kick for field goals, penalties and scrums. All of these are dependent on rolling a certain number to be successful.


**I must point out there was a slight misprint of the laser engraving. It is a hazard of dealing with overseas producers and although minor - I hope fans can see the humour in rolling VIDFO instead of VIDEO ;)**


It won't affect the gameplay and you'll remember that we're independent and sometimes we wish we owned our own factory.......but maybe someday we will!


Enjoy Pocket Rugby


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