First Pocket Football International match (session report)

November 16, 2013

With Australia's Socceroos upcoming match with Costa Rica, we put Pocket Football through its paces to perhaps serve as a prediction to the game?


The pitch was the glass top table in the backyard, softened with a rectangular bamboo placemat for the field. The weather conditions a sultry 32 degrees. 


The timer set for 5 min halves, both team managers with confidence in their eyes battled out rock, paper, scissors with Costa Rica winning the kick off - and from the get go, they were here to play.....


Here are the highlights:


"Some back and forth passing from midfield to defenders....the ball pushed long to the forward who takes a shot? Deflected by the Australian keeper.......back into the Forward's path for a rebound shot?......SAVED this time. Costa Rica showing good pace and confidence in the opening minute."


"Australia brings the ball out of the back line to the midfield, they take an ambitious shot from a long way out - SAVED!"


"Costa Rica now....another long ball through to the Forward.....FOUL!...a quick play on and shot on goal.....GGOOOAAALLLLL!     A blistering shot has put the visitors in front! 1 - 0


"The clock winding down for the half.....Australia work the ball out to the wing.....that's a nice looking cross.....bicycle kick.....GGOOOAALLLLLLLL!    Australia have struck back right on half time........ and they've done it in style! 1 - 1


2nd Half


"Costa Rica...showing impressive skills.....passed in now to the Forward.....FOUL! The referee's not having any of it though.....he's taken a Dive!  Australia takes possession......"


"Costa Rica patient out of defense.....up through the midfeild....winds up  for shot a fair way out......GGGGOOOOAAAALLLLL!     What a strike!........curling ball has left the keeper flat footed. 2 - 1"


 "Time running out for Australia...this could be the last roll of the dice (literally).....FOUL! There's been a Yellow Card shown....Free Kick.....Australia have the chance here to steal back a draw. In comes the kick....header on goal????   It's WIDE!


A disappointing result for the new coach but a fantastic result for the visitors!

Costa Rica win 2 - 1 


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