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We started out with just one game in 2011, Pocket Cricket. Since then we've expanded the range and we're not stopping here. Check out our vault of games!

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Pocket Cricket

The original game that started it all. 2012 Tropical Innovation People's Choice Award winner. Licensed through Cricket Australia and sold at every venue for Australia's home games. 6 dice represent the batsmen, bowler, fielders and umpire. It's fast, furious and plenty of wickets will fall. Two styles of batting, conservative or aggressive. The perfect companion to play during breaks or with a few beers and some cricket commentary!

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Pocket Footy - Aussie Rules


Hip & shoulder, barge through the pack. Thump a kick into your forward and hope he flies high for a screamer! Aussie Rules board games have left a lot to be desired in the past for fans of the game...until now. If you thought Pocket Cricket was'd better wear a wrist strap for Pocket Footy. 7 custom dice take the place of your Defense, Midfield, Wing and Forward postions on the field. The Umpire die decides infringements in play and there's a die for the contested ball. Can your forward kick straight and score a 6 pointer?

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Pocket Golf 


8 dice represent your clubs - Woods, irons, wedge and putter. The game rules include the Green Moose Valley Golf course, 18 holes to challenge your shot selection and skills. Each player starts a round with 4 'Caddy Tips' to strategically use to avoid hazrads, chip in, hole out and gain an edge on your opponents.                                  .

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GMV Golf course

Pocket Football (Soccer) 

The World Game has been distilled into 8 dice to simulate the thrills and spills of football. You'll have to move the ball from your defenders to your striker and kick on goal. The referree plays a part with Yellow cards and Free Kicks. Can you complete a set piece from a corner kick? Headers, trips, volleys and more!​

The Ashes 2013/14 - Limited Edition Set  

A print run of 500 sets have been made for The Ashes 2013/14 home series in Australia. Unique custom designed 'white bag' for Test Match play. It includes two national pins for England and Australia, as well as new DRS rules for added gameplay. These are for the avid collector!    No longer in print

Pocket Basketball 

Hard court action is what you get. You'll control all 5 positions on the court along with dice for shooting, referee and defense. Certain players have special shots to increase the chance of a scoring but you have get past the set defense first. There'll be fouls, dunks, ally oops and bombs from downtown! You'll need to bring your A game to score big in Pocket Basketball.

Pocket Rugby League  

It's been called for...and now it's here. Everyone loves a huge tackle and we've included that in the game. Each play will be an offensive charge. You'll have a Scrum Half, Forward, Center, Wing and Back - all with chances to score every time they touch the ball. Any try scoring chance allows for one last defensive hit...and it'll need to be hard enough to knock the ball loose! We've made sure there are plenty of tries, field goals and penalties. Bust the line, get under the high ball and hope the video ref sees things your way. Fast running, high scoring, hard hitting...this is Pocket Rugby!

Pocket Rugby 2nd Edition

A brand new die for Scrums & LineOuts. New intensity levels for attacking runs and tackles. Quick tap options on penalties, varying difficulty in conversions, intercepts, and individual position strengths. Still plenty of scoring chances with Drop Goal options, ruck steals and HUGE HITS!



Pocket Football 2nd Edition

Here we go, here we go, here we go! Pocket Football v2 continues to be a fast paced football sim, but this time, we've got some new stuff! The SKILLS system has been removed, replaced with a TACKLE die for your opponent to choose when he challenges his man. A new GOALIE die is also included, an option for your Forward to sneak into the area, Yellow cards, corners, crosses, headers and more!



Pocket Tennis

Grand Slammin' court action. A great game for any tennis fan. Rip down an ACE and salute with a massive 'COME ON!" Fast, full on tennis action that includes a unqiue BIRD EYE challenge die. Not happy with the call? Check with the BIRD

Pocket Tennis will also see a first for Pocket Sports - an achievement wall to record your name on the rules as a legacy to your wins!



Pocket Boxing

Canvas kissing pugilism. Bouts will be quick, heavy hitting and there will only be one boxer standing at the end of the fight. 3 different boxers to choose from PLUS 3 different defense stances. Land a punch square on and your opponent may be injured that he'll have to carry on fighting with. A different type of game.......



Pocket Baseball

Batter up! Aimed at the Nth American and Asian market, basball gives us the chance to introduce our Pocket Sports franchise teams. Cardboard counters will be included in each game but which team you get will be random.....The counters are used to represent runners on bases and a new mechanic for this game...Power Plays.


Pocket Test Cricket

Bigger, badder, better. More dice. More reviews. More dismissals. Stepping away from the T20 style format and building a new game, Test Cricket will feature an exciting new bowling mechanic for separate Pace or Spin bowling and stylized dice.....including "Schniko". Designed for longer play and more realistic appeals.


Pocket Sports Cycling Tour 

A big, little game.....surprisingly deep with an RPG element. Cycling presents a new style of game. A solitaire or 4 man competitive test of dice rolling endurance. Time trials, 3 country courses based on actual tour events, hazards, sneaky tactics by your opponent and even fans on the track! Teams cards introduce franchise riders....who will you be?


Pocket Sports Football (Gridiron)

With every rule from video reviews to declining penalities....Football will satisfy any diehard NFL fan. Team cards with special plays, audible QB calls in a Pro Mode option and limited drives make this game something special. 


Pocket Sports Hockey

Hip checks, slapshots, power plays and fights! What more could a hockey fan want in a pocket dice game? International team cards allow big game match ups. Game length is now decided by the tema first to score 6 goals. Fast, slick, dice on ice!



Pocket Sports Basketball '15

Bring your A game to the 2015 new edition of Pocket Basketball. A few tweaks and additions make this version even slicker than the first installment. The PG now has his own uncontested lay up. New shot names on other position dice for updated commentary. Defense has a Man on Man level 3 to make you feel like you 'owned' your opponent by shooting over them. Two All Star team cards with scoring track and 'Hot Streak' will set this game on fire!



Pocket Sports Golf '15

Upgrade your clubs with the new edition of Pocket Golf. We've stripped the golf bag and reduced the number of clubs but included a new POWER die that acts as a head or tail wind for reduced or extra distance. A Hazard die throws a random element into the mix with forced penalties to get out of situations. Gone is the paper course layout and replaced with two high quality course cards showing hole dsitance, Skins value and Championship tees! 



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GMV Golf course

Printable scoresheet

Pocket Sports GP Racing

High octane Grand Prix racing. The first 'motorsport' for Pocket Sports and this game will get your adrenline pumping. 4 unique team cards, 4 tracks, custom dice and cubes will deliver pit stops, crashes, rear 'ghost' drivers and a four point car system. Championship series over all 4 tracks with points and a new qualifying lap system to set grid positions. 

Burn baby burn!



Pocket Sports Rugby v.3 (3rd edition print)

From an excellent game comes an added level of complexity. Now consisting of 9 dice, the Defensive system has been overhauled to include choice of tackling with 'interrupt' skill checks to turn vital moments in the game. 4 International team cards feature special modifyers for specific play from each nation. Rolling mauls, a new 'range' kicking mechanic and even optional weather playing conditions. This game is a beast!



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