"Rain delays have never stopped a game of Pocket Cricket and no amount of peptides will help you win at Pocket Footy"
HPS - game designer

Board game design is a funny business. Almost everyone you know has or will have an idea for a boardgame in their life. It's a very big industry but making a game that sells more than it's intial print run is a tough task.


Pocket Sports games understand most people aren't heavy gamers. We appeal to the casual sports fan that enjoys a beer in one hand and rolling dice in the other. Winning some bragging rights after beating your mates, while still eager to play another game.


We're 100% independently owned and operated. What does that mean? It means all that shelf space you see in the big department stores has been carved up by the big boys, and we have to beg and plead for retailers to stock us in store....but that's not a bad thing. We can be innovative, fresh and appeal to common sports fan that cheer everytime their hero takes the field. We can transform you into that player, if only for 20mins while you kick your friend's butt in a head to head match!


Oh...and that dude over there designs our games! Show him some love and buy our games so he can continue making games for us!


If you have a club, company or business that would like a board game designed.....he's your man! Send your details via the Contact page.


Pocket Sports Games INC. 
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