New games in development


There's no off switch here at Pocket Sports. We have requests coming in for all sorts of sports (even yoga!) that we need to send to the lab for further exploration and consideration.


This is the page where we will pin the games that will be scheduled for release......and even look for playtesters here. Final versions may change but the core rules and what the dice will display will be here. So get your Pocket Sports tastebuds salivating.........


Hey there! Updates on this page have been slow, but these two games are 98% ready to go. The reason they are taking a little more time is the fact they are on the back end of 7 other current games getting a reprint. Later this month, we'll produce 11,000 games and ship a pallet of gaming goodness to arrive early August! Crazy numbers of dice (80,000 odd).

We'll also slip in another new title, Surfing! Artwork and rules are still being finalised but check back here soon to see beta rules & dice


HOLD THE PHONE......Surfing has been bumped for ICE HOCKEY to make it's long awaited debut.



Exciting times! Pre orders will be up only after the factory has started production. That way we're both committed to getting these bad boys on your table top!


Initial prototype for cycling complete. A few changes to artwork and mechanic before the final design goes to production later this month!


Prototype demo for 'Football'



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